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Improve the ROI of my Marketing Team

  • We'll work with your team to get a sense of how things have been over the last 6 months
  • We'll sit down with all stakeholders to chart a trajectory for marketing over the course of 6+ months. 
  • We'll define the daily, weekly and monthly activities to reach the desired growth 
  • We'll provide an estimate of key numbers like Customer Acquisition Cost, Reach of Your Brand for different agreed upon channels to your team to work as a target


Total Project Duration ~ 21- 30 Days 



Help me in Creating Awesome Content


  • We'll sit with your team to understand the overall brand tone and the message that needs to be delivered via the content 
  • We create a content outline for your team to share inputs on and finalize the content structure, length, message, call to action and other aspects
  • We'll produce/create the content as per the agreed upon ideas and share the best possible content promotion plan for your team to execute 


Total Project Duration ~ 30-60 Days 



Setup/Manage my Marketing Team

  • We'll sit with you to understand closely your vision and mission with the business and chart out a trajectory for business growth 
  • We'll define a marketing strategy that helps your business not just get eyeballs but convert the attention into customers. 
  • Once the strategy is in place, we'll implement the ideas agreed upon. 
  • You'll at all times be in command, monitoring the performance on a business marketing dashboard. 


Total Project Duration ~ 180-360 Days 


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