Our Story

Before the #BigBang

On 11th May 2013, Aishwarya and I (Mayank) started our 1st business together.

We had visited a few manufacturing facilities in late 2012, for Aishwarya’s final year thesis at IIT. During these visits, we discovered these manufacturing facilities had real opportunities to save money by becoming more frugal and quality driven.

So, we began pitching our services to more manufacturing businesses and landed up contracts to “Save Money by Improving the Output Quality”.

By 2015, we had worked with ~30 manufacturing businesses in the NCR region and had put together a team of 15 consultants.


This was a strange year in many ways.

We decided to move away from servicing manufacturing clients only. We also decided that instead of saving costs, we wanted to help businesses make more money.

Why, you ask?

The kind of businesses we were working with lacked consciousness in more ways than one.

See, manufacturing in the NCR is a big source of pollution. More than 80% of the employees in such organizations were paid the rock bottom minimum wages. The vast majority of people working there were disengaged and were keen to take the first step out.

We made crucial interventions to reduce wastage and improve quality by empowering the workforce, but driving these changes strictly from an operational perspective was limiting. We realised that we could do much more by redefining the narrative on how businesses ought to be run.

Meanwhile, India was getting on the internet faster than ever before, and nobody seemed to create content outside of entertainment. We saw internet and new media as a new platform which could help build niche communities using content that matters.

Sometime around late 2016- early 2017

We decide to reach out to businesses that had a purpose beyond profits. In our experience, morality and ethics were topics that didn't receive much attention in business, and frankly elsewhere, and we definitely felt a need to forward a philosophy that we had empirically fallen for.

We started pitching content marketing services, as a tool to bring in more customers for conscious businesses. Our idea is to marry conscious brands with content, that’s beyond pure entertainment and works well with curious millennials.

What’s in the name?

Mensch is a yiddish word, means a person of honor and integrity. To be called a #Mensch, is the highest praise for any person. We chose this name because it serves as a constant reminder for us to be act in the best possible way, to do the right thing, the right way.

The team

Mayank on LinkedIn || Aishwarya on LinkedIn

We sort of fit the description of 50% Math & 50% Art, which is also the way we see marketing.

Aishwarya is the Math Part. He is keen on numbers, likes to plan every detail and keeps a track of how things are moving.

Mayank selects or rejects ideas based on intuition. He likes to experiment and build projects using a high-energy approach.

This is also how we share the work at #Mensch. While Mayank creates and curates ideas, Aishwarya puts the numbers around them.

We have a remote team of 20+ designers, writers, art directors, photographers and community managers.

P.S. You might want to check out our publication, Plural Network, where we tell stories about business, culture and politics to young people with open minds.