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We think that original media content is the best way to attract people's attention on digital platforms.

Why only digital, you ask?

Pfft. Get out of here! 👉

LOL, just kiddin' 😉.

To answer your question, we work only with digital channels because we understand them better. We also see more and more people flocking to internet, and new online platforms coming up everyday. We honestly don't think that we need to go any place else.

Coming back to creating content on digital platforms. There are three basic rules that work well, especially with a millennial audience.

1. Attract people by telling a great story and invite them for the ride.

2. Show your followers that you care and engage them by creating authentic & honest content on topics they feel are important

3. Nudge people with care to take actions, like buy your product. Don't sell outright. Social is not the best place to do that.


How we get results?

We are good at identifying buyer journeys for your target customers and the right content for each stage of the journey.

We also understand that every social media channel is essentially a different platform altogether. We win by creating native content for each individual platform and spreading the word about it organically as well as through advertisements. 

On a day to day basis, we do the following things to get you results.

Run Advertisements and Promotions

It's dirt cheap to run digital advertisements in 2018. We recommend that you allocate 70% of your digital spend into content creation and the rest 30% on paid ads. 

Ads work fundamentally the same way across Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Creative is the variable. 

We choose the right audiences, craft the ad copies and optimise budget spend for you to get maximum return on each rupee spent, driving real results to your bottomline.


Build and grow your online community

While you can start running ads for sales on social media from day 1, you also need to build your page's organic audience. Over time your followers can become new hires, clients, investors, advocates and support your further growth.

Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are the most amazing places to build your community and establish a brand.

We help conscious companies tell their story on social channels to help grow their channels, engage their followers and find new business by communicating responsibly on the online platforms.   


Create content to attract, engage and delight your audience

Content can serve many purposes - it can entertain, educate, inform and even nudge people to make a purchase. You can create this content for advertisements, social media, blogs, podcasts and websites. It is the context that makes the content tick.

We are building a remote team of designers, photographers, editors, musicians and art directors to create culturally relevant content for digital channels.

We create content in text, audio and video formats. We try to keep the content as fresh and as exciting as possible, rooting it in the local conversation style as your audience.


Types of Engagement


Rules of Engagement

While the structure and duration of our projects vary based on what you need, there are a few key ideas we consistently follow across the projects.

Call them our ethos or our values. We believe that the following set of recommendations help us stay the right course.

It's important that we establish these, and agree upon, before working together.


It takes people time to trust your content. Any meaningful message spreads with patience and consistent efforts over long periods of time.

This is the reason why we consider content marketing more like a marathon, and less like a Sprint. We plan projects only over a 6-12 month horizon or more. 

It starts by articulating the goal of the project well, defining a lean and agile strategy to achieve those goals, and finally, following it up with detailed content production and marketing goals.


Think about your favourite media company. From the New York Times to the Vice Media of the world, you love them because of the content that they create.

In a time when technology and internet has made it easy to create and distribute content, individual brands have an opportunity to build their own media department and improve mind share themselves. 

Being a media company means to offer valuable content upfront to your audience.

We create content with the goal to educate or entertain your audience. If people really like your content, they'll fall in love with the brand and almost feel guilty if they don't buy from you. 


The goal of all marketing and branding is of course, sales. However, marketing a product isn't nearly the same thing as selling it. 

The way we see it, marketing includes everything you do to communicate with the world. At that level, the best marketing strategy is to care as much as you can about the people that you are communicating with.


Online platforms have given us better tools to calculate the results of our marketing efforts. At the same time, any sane marketing team will avoid getting bogged down into data.

A good creative idea can change those metrics, almost overnight. It is important that the marketing team has both perspectives.



By Macro, we mean long term and micro means short term. On a day to day basis, we keep the operations agile. This means that we respond to incoming queries and comments ASAP and monitor projects on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to the long-term goals, online platforms reward a patient and consistent effort. In other words, your efforts compound on digital platforms and results you will see in the 7th month will be drastically similar than the ones you saw in the 1st.


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