Let's build the PLURAL.NETWORK


Some Background

Media today fails curious young people.

Almost no content is created with the goal of understanding complex ideas better. It's true for a vast number of issues across culture, business or politics.   

Hosts and Guests are lost in the debate. There's talking down and little effort to deliberate and discuss.  

This is something, both Aishwarya and I often feel and have decided to do something about it; Plural.Network.


Plural is a platform for young people to discover complex narratives behind the day to day events. 

Our goal is to create content that captures different perspectives around an issue, to paint the whole picture. 

Here are a few examples of content, we are out to create - 

The point is that majority of the available media is hurried, interrupted by ads and just doesn't allow enough time for ideas to flourish. They are caught in the day to day events that we totally miss out on deeper conversations. 

Something's wrong with the format as well as the content.  

There's no effort to raise the consciousness of the young audience by sharing meaningful ideas. 

And, this is what plural wants to change.

We want to create content around diverse perspectives, capture smart people discuss ideas and present a whole picture of the complex issues of our times. 

Here's you can shape the Plural.Network

In the first half of 2018, we started creating 2 Shows for plural.network


#LawoftheLand: A Facebook Video Series explaining the Indian Constitution, one article at a time 



#IDontKnow: 20 Mins Investigative Podcasts into the day to day issues around us.




We realize today, there's a large variety of content that plural.network should have. 

And we want you to help us identify these "shows", structure their content, produce and share them for the plural community. 

Over the course of next 6 months, we can together take the content to the next level. This will be the most crucial period in our journey and define the basic structure of how we work. 

We are looking for people who feel the same way about media as we do, to join us in building plural network. 

If can volunteer ~10 hours per week across any of the following roles, it'd mean a lot. 

  • Research: Involves reading existing content, identifying relevant people, ideas around an issue  (4 Positions)
  • Script Writers: Involves taking the content and putting together a story that presents the complete picture (2 Positions)
  • Video Editors: Involves taking together the videos and stitching them to best depict the narrative in the script (3 Positions) 
  • Social Media Community Managers: Will help in managing the social handles of plural, engaging the community and spreading the word in relevant existing communities (5 Positions) 


What's in it for you?

First things first, you'll come read, create and share content that has the potential to change people's minds. 

Second, you'll be among the very first people to join plural and have the say in shaping the channel's content. 

Third, Plural will be a audience funded network. Over the course of next months, Aishwarya & I will focus our energy in figuring out a business model around the content we create. We together will decide how to compensate you for all the time you've given, once we are in that position. 

Seems Interesting? 

If you'd like to help us build plural, fill in the form below and we'll reach out asap. 


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